We offer a range of services to dancers, dance schools and companies.

Assessment and treatment

Assessment and treatment of dance related injuries, with guided return to dance. If a rest period is required for the injury to heal, the dancer is advised on what specific steps they need to avoid, so that they may continue some aspects of their training.

Dance specific rehabilitation

Dance specific rehabilitation, strengthening and flexibility programs, including Pilates exercises. Programs may be designed to improve aspects such as turnout, hamstring and adductor flexibility for splits, core/pelvic stability, ankle control, alignment and dance technique or correct muscle imbalances.

Dancer on wobble board

Pre-pointe assessments

Pre-pointe assessments, a 1 hour assessment of all major joints involved in dance to detect any muscle weakness/tightness, joint stiffness or malignment such as “knock knees” and scoliosis which may predispose the dancer to injury when commencing pointe work. Specific exercises are given to correct any problems identified.

Dance assessments

Dance assessments, including completion of tertiary dance screening forms. This is a one hour assessment of the dancer’s joint range and muscular strength, control and flexibility. Specific exercises are given to assist with enhancing dance technique in order to prevent injury. Dance screening is recommended for students who are about to increase their training, after a growth spurt or prolonged rest period and is compulsory for entrance to many tertiary dance courses.

Dancer on wobble board

Assessment and treatment

We also offer assessment and treatment of other performing arts and gymnastics related injuries as well as general injuries.

Dancer on wobble board

Services available for dance schools and companies

Physiotherapy coverage at dance events

Physiotherapy coverage at dance events, competitions and for touring companies when they visit Sydney.

Lectures on safe dance

Lectures on safe dance, injury prevention as well as anatomy for the HSC dance course.

Pilates classes

Pilates classes at your school.


Visits to your school if required.